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The Candle Maker


My name is Diana, and I am the owner of WicketyWax Soy Candles. I’m the mom of two wonderful, busy boys. I’m married to a great man. I am a full-time teacher at a university in Alabama. And last, I’m also an expat. I’m originally from the Netherlands (yes, I speak Dutch too), but moved to the USA in 2000. So far, I’ve lived in North Carolina, California, Illinois, and now Alabama. I guess we’ll see what the future brings.

My hobbies include reading, writing, horse back riding, and creating and making things from scratch. I’ve knitted teddy bears for my kids, and I like to bake. I don’t have much time to do all the fun things I’d like to do, but in 2016, I had some time on my hands (because I didn’t have a job), and I decided to start making candles. It’s become a fulfilling hobby and job. I enjoy making each batch of candles and every candle gets lots of attention from me.

That’s me in a nutshell.

Stay tuned…my next blog will be about the benefits of using soy wax.