Pumpkin Spice Halloween Shaped Soy Melts


Enjoy Halloween with pumpkin spice scented jack-o-lantern and skulls shaped soy wax melts.

  • Handmade and hand poured with 100% organic soy wax
  • No dyes
  • Comes with 6 melts and weighs 3 oz.
  • Loaded with fragrance
  • 1 melt lasts for days
  • Easy to clean 
  • Made in the USA



Get ready for Halloween with spooky jack-O-lantern and skull shaped pumpkin spice Halloween shaped soy melts. These pumpkin spice soy melts are a delicious mix of clove, cinnamon, vanilla, orange zest, and whipped cream. Handmade and hand poured with 100% natural soy wax. No color added. The melts come in a handy 8 oz candle tin and 6 melts fit into a tin. One melt can be enjoyed for days and will fill your rooms.

Please allow 2-3 days for processing and shipping your order.

How to use wax melts;

  • You’ll need a tart burner in order to melt wax melts
  • Put one shaped melt in the top (bowl) of the tart burner and turn it on
  • Once the fragrance is gone, throw the wax in the trash with a paper towel (don’t throw it in the sink please)
  • Clean the bowl with soap and water and it’s ready to be used again 


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