Aromatherapy Lemon Essential Oil Soy Candle


Refresh your home and your mood with a lemon essential oil soy candle.

  • Handmade with 100% organic soy wax
  • Crackling wooden wick
  • Pure lemon essential oil
  • No dyes
  • 8 oz glass jar
  • 35-40 hour burn time
  • Made in the USA

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This aromatherapy lemon essential oil soy candle is not only able to make your home smell as fresh as a lemon peel, it is also able to refresh your mood. It is loaded with pure lemon essential oil known to make you feel more cheerful, invigorated and energized.  Handmade with 100% organic soy wax and crackling wooden wick. It comes in a pretty 8 oz glass jar and has a burn time is 35-40 hours.


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